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Jojo's Diary Journey Of Asia - Sebut je travel memang seronok. Siapa yang tak suka travel, dapat pergi sana sini. Tak kisahla dalam negara atau luar negara, asalkan dapat berjalan dan menambahkan ilmu. Banyak tempat yang kita boleh pergi, lagi-lagi dekat luar negara tu. Tapi nad tak kesampaian lagi nak travel..dalam Malaysia pun tak habis travel ini kan pulak nak pergi luar negara..kalau ada yang sponsor, bestnyaaa..ehhehe..

Siapa tak kenal dengan Jojo, kalau tak kenal sila google..ehhehe. Selalu tengok dia dekat tv je, tapi aritu jumpa dia dekat event enchenteur. Memang cantik weii walaupun dia sibuk dengan kerja dia. Tadi baru tengok rancangan terbaru dia iaitu ' Jojo's Diary Journey Of Asia" disiarkan di TLC dan  Discovery Channel Asia. Seronok tengok dia, sambil travel sambil menghayati keindahan alam. Cerita 13 episod dah disiarkan selama 30 minit. Rancangan ni mula disiarkan pada 3 August harini pada pukul 8 malam.

Series Synopsis

‘Jojo’s Diary of Asia’ follows the journey of celebrity personality Jojo Struys as she uncovers the uniquely cultural ways people can disconnect from stress in their daily lives while soaking up different cultures and learning how to make a diverse array of traditional Asian dishes. From the rich culture and traditional customs in Japan, to the breathtaking natural beauty of Nepal, to the bright lights and bustling metropolis of Hong Kong, you will feel like you are a part of Jojo’s fascinating journey. 

Catch her in action as she discovers the multitude of ways you can de-stress from bathing elephants in the Himalayas, to learning breathing techniques to calm the mind, to wielding a samurai sword in Tokyo. Not forgetting her hair-raising adrenaline rush on the world’s steepest roller coaster at the base of Mount Fuji and the array of traditional dishes she learns to cook from local chefs. Enjoy the breathtaking sights, de-stress activities, rich culture and great food on this unforgettable journey on ‘Jojo’s Diary of Asia’.

List of Shots

Maiko- Jojo had her face painted white and stepped into ancient tradition when she  was transformed into an apprentice Geisha for the day, called a 'Maiko'

Fuji Q - The 'Takabisha' is the world's steepest roller coaster at Fuji Q Highlands at the base of Mount Fuji. If you need to release stress through an adrenaline rush, this is the way to do it! Jojo screamed her lungs out and felt strangely empowered after this ride, "You've got to do something that scares you, every now and then. So, I felt like, if I could do this, I could do anything!"

Samurai - Jojo gets a one-on-one session in the art of the Samurai sword with the hait-raising master choreographer of all the fight scenes in Hollywood movie, 
"Kill Bill Vol 1". 

Chitwan - Jojo travels to Chitwan in Nepal where she bathes an elephant in the river...a completely rejuvenating and profound experience.

Pottery - Jojo learns about patience and focus in the ancient art of pottery-making in Kathmandu, Nepal

Flight - Jojo flies over the spectacular Himalayan range and right past the breathtaking sight of Mount Everest in Nepal

Dragon Dancing - Jojo wears red for prosperity and has her first lesson in  Dragon Dancing in Hong Kong

Sushi - Jojo learns how to make her first sushi roll with 'umeboshi' which is a Japanese apricot 
Memang best tengok jojo travel..i need vacation..

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