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hai assalammualaikum

CPUV Nuffnang : Lima Tengah Berjalan - Lama tak jenguk nuffnang..sekali muncul beberapa CPUV..Antaranya Maxis One plus, Gliko Pocky, Cool Tea, Ecurve Doraemon dan Shell Helix. Terima kasih yang menekan nuffnang nad..dapat cari beberapa info je.

Cpuv nuffnang Glico Pocky yang berasal daripada stik biskut yang dilapisi perisa coklat, strawberi dan almond. Biskut yang diperkenalkan oleh Ezaki Gliko. Glico Pocky dipasarkan dalam pasaran makanan ringan mulai tahun 1966. Untuk lebih mengetahui lanjut pasal produk Glico Pocky ini boleh ke sini http://pocky.glico.com/

It is in this market that the new Mamee Bev Cool Tea made its debut in Malaysia in early May 2015. Cool Tea's key ingredients are mulberry leaf, lotus leaf, liquorice root, honeysuckle flower, chrysanthemum flower, selfheal, grosvenor momordica fruit (lo han guo) and mesona chinensis (grass jelly).  The drink claims to release the body heat and is ideally consumed when one is eating BBQ, spicy food or engaging in outdoor activities. Personally, I find Cool Tea has a very strong grass jelly taste and is very sweet.more info di facebook https://www.facebook.com/mameecooltea

Untuk peminat cerita Doraemon, si kucing ni akan menemui peminatnya di Ecurve tau..hehhe..more details at http://gowhere.my/info/ecurve-here-comes-doraemon/ .Happening from 29 May – June 14, 2015, eCurve’s Centre Atrium will be a celebration of all things Doraemon! The not-to-be-missed Doraemon Fair will offer exclusive merchandise for fans of all ages to purchase and take home a little piece of Doraemon joy! From Doraemon plush toys to huggable Memory Bread pillows, to bags, stationery and other collectible items, as well as limited edition Doraemon T-shirts and anniversary frames, there’s bound to be something for everyone! So Be Here or Be Blue!

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